Arriving in Beijing in February of 2003, armed with little more than a passion for China and a degree in Theatre Studies, I set about exploring the unmet social needs emerging in China’s transition to a market economy.  Born and brought up in Hong Kong, and thus a self-proclaimed ‘city girl’, I was most interested […]

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The train to Beijing

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tze The train rumbles over the Mongolian steppe, a vast forever of golden fields, seen through the window on the carriage, running far into the distance, the snow-capped mountains as a single backdrop.  A solitary table lamp, central, faded Russian chintz framing […]

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This is my story

Stories can conquer fear you know.  They make the heart bigger – Ben Okri This is my story. The story of Caroline and the Hua Dan team.  This is the story of a small band of women who got together with an idea bigger than themselves.  This is the story of Dong Fen, Zhong Na, […]

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